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Use Portraits of Parkland
as a tool for change,
and to remember
victims of gun violence.

Write to legislators

I periodically post suggestions for legislators and administration officials you can contact.

3 November 2018

A week ago in a Pittsburgh synagogue, 11 innocent lives were ended by a maniac who legally owned an AR-15 and many other weapons. On October 24, two people grocery shopping, one with his grandson, the other buying food for her ailing mother, were murdered in broad daylight. To quote Louisville, Kentucky mayor, Greg Fischer “There are ways to make our country safer and still respect the rights of law-abiding gun owners. This idea that it's all or nothing is a false choice. And Americans are dying everyday because of it.” If you agree, write your legislators and demand change.

 Postcards sent to Speaker Ryan, Senators Casey and Toomey

Postcards sent to Speaker Ryan, Senators Casey and Toomey

Speaker Ryan
20 S Main St #10
Janesville, WI 53545

Senator Casey
2000 Market St # 1870
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Senator Toomey
200 Chestnut St #600
Philadelphia, PA 19106

23 October 2018

The midterm elections are two weeks away. Here’s a link to a non-partisan list of candidates designated by Moms Demand Action as Gun Sense candidates. The Brady Campaign has endorsed candidates for federal office who are “champions on the issue of gun violence prevention.” Check the lists and write to candidates—let them know how important this issue is to you.

7 August 2018

Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, leads the Federal Commission on School Safety. When questioned in June about gun policy, DeVos insisted that was outside the commission’s purview. As of today, the official website indicates that the commission will include "a discussion on minimum age for firearms purchases." 

You can write to Secretary DeVos to tell her if you think there are additional ways the commission can engage with the public health crisis of gun control, and its effect on our country's public school students and parents, teachers and staff.

The Honorable Betsy DeVos
Department of Education
400 Maryland Avenue SW
Washington, DC 20202

I sent her all 17 of the Portraits of Parkland. 


16 July 2018

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was quoted in the Lexington Herald-Leader saying, “It’s a darn shame that’s where we are but this epidemic is something that’s got all of our attention.” 

Aw, shucks. What McConnell thinks is a darn shame is this: “The Fayette County School District unveiled a sweeping plan Monday to increase school safety, including metal detectors in schools and increased mental health counseling. The safety measures would be funded by an increase in property taxes in the county.”

McConnell doesn't think Congress can do much to address the issue. Also, he doesn't believe in gun control. He's correct that gun violence an epidemic. Write and tell him what you think:

The Honorable Mitch McConnell
317 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Majority Leader McConnell...


16 May 2018

Write to the chair and vice chair of the Massachusetts House Committee on Ways and Means and ask them to call a vote on HB3610. This is an ERPO (Extreme Risk Protection Order) bill, getting guns out of the hands of people who are dangerous to themselves and others.

The Honorable* Jeffrey Sánchez, Chair
House Committee on Ways and Means
24 Beacon Street, Room 243
Boston, MA  02133

Dear Mr. Chairman...

The Honorable Stephen Kulik, Vice Chair
House Committee on Ways and Means
24 Beacon Street, Room 238
Boston, MA  02133

Dear Representative Kulik...

*I'm learning the finer points of how to address legislators

6 May 2018

Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon has been pressing the NRA for information about donations from foreigners. Thank him for vigorously pursuing this inquiry.

Senator Ron Wyden
221 Dirksen Building
Washington, DC 20002

30 April 2018

Vice President Mike Pence will address the NRA's annual convention this week. Alyssa Milano thinks he should cancel. What do you think? Write to Pence and tell him.

The White House Office of the Vice President
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20500


Write to legislators


What do I say?

When writing a Portraits of Parkland postcard you might want to say something about the person pictured. Tell the legislator what action you'd like them to take. You can be specific, referencing particular bills if you'd like. Or you can state your concerns in a more general way. Tell them why it is important to you.

Thank a legislator whose voting record on gun regulation aligns with your beliefs.

Include your name and address if you are a constituent.

Resources: Brady Campaign, Ceasefire PA, Giffords


Interested in gathering supporters to write postcards together?

The basics: people, postcards, pens, stamps, addresses

Nice to have: message prompts, food and drink, clipboards

For friends who can't attend: suggest they contribute toward the cost of stamps and printing

Grateful to you for moving us from memory to action by galvanizing us at this critical time with the very poignant #PortraitsofParkland.
— Robin MInkoff, Elkins Park, PA